Red Ape Cinnamon

Pure Organic Ground Cassia Cinnamon and
Cinnamon Sticks from Sumatra     


You will quickly notice the difference in taste with our fragrant, sweet, organic cinnamon. This robust Korintje cinnamon from Sumatra is ideal for baking and will enliven the flavour of desserts, cookies and cinnamon rolls.

Red Ape Cinnamon™ is sustainably harvested in Indonesia from Cassia Cinnamon trees that are at least 20 years old. The Volatile Oil (V.O.) content
is much higher in older trees resulting in a higher quality cinnamon.

A percentage of profits from sales of Red Ape Cinnamon will be donated
to programs dedicated to the protection and restoration of orangutan
(a.k.a. The Red Ape) habitat in Indonesia.

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