Red Ape Turmeric

Pure Organic Ground Turmeric -
sun-dried in Java and slowly ground to perfection!    


This magical spice sourced from the Indonesian island of Java is from the same family as ginger and has a lovely mild flavor. Turmeric's warm aroma, bright color, and gingery/peppery taste are relied upon in cooking throughout Asia. It's best known as the spice that gives curry powder its distinctive colour. 

Turmeric is a powerful medicine that has long been used in the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions. Heal your mind, body and soul with this magical spice. Red Ape Turmeric is certified kosher and organic.

A percentage of profits from sales of Red Ape products will be donated to programs dedicated to the protection and restoration of orangutan (a.k.a. The Red Ape) habitat in Indonesia.

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