Power Degreaser Thyme with Fig Leaf 473ml


We put the power in power degreaser.

Best choice for chefs! Specifically formulated to cut through the toughest grease and cooking grime with no sticky residue. Our scientists spent years formulating the right balance of naturally-derived ingredients to cut through the toughest grease while remaining gentle on the planet. Solvent-free, ammonia-free, and phosphate-free, our safe and effective degreaser leaves zero residue on your kitchen surfaces, and zero residue on the planet. 

With a blend of wild thyme enveloped in fresh fig, citrus and pomegranate, Thyme with Fig Leaf soothes the senses. Contains essential oils of thyme, violet leaf and sage.


How to Use...

Amazing for granite and stone surfaces, stovetops, cooktop hoods, microwaves, sinks, cabinets, backsplashes and all the grease now cowering at this heavyweight of safe and sustainable cleaners. 

  1. Spray.
  2. Wipe Clean.
  3. Voila! Done.