Coconut Magic Organic Coconut Vinegar 375ml


Coconut Magic coconut vinegar is unique in that it has been made from nutrient-rich coconut nectar, while most other coconut vinegar available has been made from the water of the mature coconut. This sap has a low glycemic index (GI 35), is an abundant source of amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, and broad spectrum B vitamins.

Vinegar made from coconut nectar is naturally aged for 8 months to one year, with no other addition or alteration, thereby fully retaining and even enhancing its nutrient-rich properties as it forms its own 'mother', a substance that contains live probiotics, enzymes and other health promoting co-factors.

Coconut vinegar can be used for cooking, dipping, as a salad dressing, and can be added to sauces and condiments. One to two tablespoons can also be taken medicinally before meals, similar to apple cider vinegar, to stimulate stomach acid concentration and aid digestion. It is fantastic for treating a range of skin ailments and can be used on the skin to reduce body odor (an all natural deodorant), dark circles, acne scars, dark spots, and the all-important one .. wrinkles!
 Traditionally, coconut vinegar has been used as a shampoo and conditioner. It can even be used as a chemical-free herbicide.

Our vinegar has no added preservatives, adulterants, coconut water, artificial yeast, sugar cane or MSG. We like to keep our ingredients list short … just 100% natural coconut vinegar derived from pure sap taken from the coconut flower.

Packaged in an attractive 375ml bottle.

Ingredients: organic coconut vinegar