Coconut Magic Organic, Cold-Pressed, Raw Coconut Oil 150ml & 500ml


Certified organic, cold pressed and raw virgin coconut oil from Coconut Magic is gently extracted from freshly harvested mature coconuts to produce a truly raw and organic product. No direct heat or chemicals are added during the production process, ensuring the oil maintains its purity and maximum nutritional content. A wet method centrifuge extraction process is used and the cold-pressing of the oil is done within a couple of hours of opening the coconuts.
Coconut Magic coconut oil is incredibly unique due to its smooth texture and particularly light taste and aroma which will not overpower food flavours. Its purity offers maximum health benefits and it is easily absorbed when used topically on the skin.

Packaged in dark glass to reduce oxygen/light exposure, these 150ml size jars are a great size to use when traveling, for using as a health tonic and sunscreen, or to keep in your bathroom for your hair and skin beauty regime.

Ingredients: 100% certified organic, cold pressed, raw virgin coconut oil from Thailand