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Organic Coconut Products

Dedicated to bringing you the finest quality coconut products, Coconut Magic products are all certified organic.

When it comes to our virgin coconut oil, we go the extra mile and source our coconuts from our very own certified organic farms, ensuring both our farms and the production process are all certified. This gives us the utmost confidence that no pesticides or chemicals have been used at any stage during production.

Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is a premium oil due to its quality raw materials and unique extraction process which uses no heat, no chemicals, no hexane, no dehydration, and a very gentle separation technique. This is what gives Coconut Magic oil its subtle, authentically raw, light coconut taste and aroma with a light and creamy texture.

Coconut Magic Raw Energy Bars were created out of a desire to eat healthy and raw whilst on the go. Each bar is vegan, gluten free, Paleo friendly, sugar free, dairy and soy free with 100% raw wholefood ingredients.

Each bar also contains Coconut Magic's own premium organic virgin coconut oil and coconut flower nectar for added health benefits and a delicious taste. Made from all natural ingredients with nothing else added!


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Raw Energy Bars


Organic Coconut Products